The Legend of Topher Thomas: Chapter 1


Okay, so there’s a young woman in a Japanese school girl outfit. There’re also several tentacles. Don’t worry though; this isn’t going to be that kind of manga…

Chris Perguidi is responsible for the laughs that you’ll be having throughout “The Legend of Topher Thomas.” Based on an underground wrestler’s persona, we get to see Topher Thomas, the spawn of a demon who has fused with his evil counterpart, relay trope after trope of standard manga exposition presented in careful but awkward spurts that add up to a mountain of ridiculous factoids that are all somehow palatable and familiar to anyone who went through an anime phase in middle school. Topher is joined by his sister, who’s a cat…or a fox…or something? Well, spoilers, she’s also a sword. Together, they battle a tentacle-clad school girl from the Blue Lagoon. Nice to see the tentacles in the other shoes for once…

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